Looking back on 2011…NTRP made a difference!

Our annual NTRP Board of Directors changeover dinner is a time we meet as a group to thank all of our current board members for a job well done, and welcome new board members for the upcoming year. Before our dinner meeting in November, I thought it would be a good idea to look back at 2011 to identify some of our successes as an organization: Wow – I am so proud of our board of directors and volunteers that sacrificed their time to help us achieve so many successes this year. Check out some of the successes below and I think you will be amazed to:

  • It starts with our membership… 2011 was our biggest year ever with 181 members. …that is 14.9% increase over 2010! Thanks Nola and Gloria!
  • NTRP Volunteers made over 1,600 personal phone calls notifying our members and guests about upcoming meetings.Thanks Brian and Kirk
  • We sent over 43 email blasts to 470 NTRP contacts during the year about upcoming events – that’s over 20,000 emails!!!! Thanks Mark!
  • We provided four (4) educational meetings that resulted in a total of 384 attendees. That is an average of 96 attendees per meeting. These education meetings qualified for 374 CRP credits for our membership with CRP designations. That is an average of 46 attendees receiving 2 CRP credits per meeting. Oh…and the Happy Hours at III Forks in Plano were great too! …and our speakers came all the way to Dallas from Houston, Plano, Southlake, Oklahoma City, and Washington DC. Thanks Sandra and Tina!
  • And we shared industry news, stories, and updates in our newsletter with almost 1,500 NTRP contacts this year…after transitioning our newsletter to an electronic version online for our readers! Thanks Lynn and Jill!
  • Oh, and our charities received over $2,000 in donations from our organization, which included a virtual food drive and a 50/50 raffle for North Texas Food Bank, as well as  walking for the ERC Foundation in Las Vegas Nevada, and a dinner fundraiser for ERC in Denver. Thanks Sophie!
  • And it wouldn’t at all be possible without our 21 sponsors that contributed a total of $10,500 to our organization…Thanks Lusine and Gloria!

Oh my… and we aren’t done yet!

In 2012, under Tom Wortham’s leadership, we have plans to introduce an educational scholarship program for local students connected with relocation, as well as bring an ERC test site to Dallas for CRP designation testing… Thanks Tom!

I am sure there we will see many more successes with addition to our 2012 Board of Directors..  Thanks Karen, Badi, Beth, Julie, Eileen, and Tim for accepting the challenge to make a difference!

Thank you again to all of the NTRP Board of Directors, including past board members and presidents for your hard work and pursuit of excellence to our industry! A special thanks to ALL of our attendees, sponsors, and Texas Relocation Network partners too… As John Maxwell says, “It takes teamwork to make a dream work!”

It was a great year and an honor to serve as your President. I truly appreciate all of the encouragement, support, and the opportunity to build so many great relationships, it means more than you know…

Be sure to check the website for our 2012 calendar of events and ways to get involved. As Peggy Smith says — Live, Love, and Own your organization with passion! You can all make an incredible difference in our industry!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2012…

Bruce Waller, CRP

NTRP President

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