Strategies to help your employees move in the summer!

It’s summer time which means school is out and for many families… it’s time to move. Summer peak moving season (May 12 – September 12) is the time of year when the majority of moving in the USA takes place. Here are some helpful tips to consider when moving a family during peak moving season.

  • The last week of May, June, July, and August are the 4 busiest weeks of the year. This is driven by families wanting to close on their home toward the end of the month to maximize real estate interest savings. We recommend that you reserve your preferred moving date at least 2 weeks prior to moving.
  • Monday through Thursday is when families will typically find the best cost for residential nationwide moving services.
  • Packing is typically 25-30% of the moving cost when moving nationwide and up to 50% when moving locally. Families can also look at partial pack options if needed.
  • Corporate partnership transportation agreements will offer best pricing because there is no peak season cost adjustment during the summer and full replacement valuation coverage is often included. This can be a $300 – $1500 savings depending on the size of your move. Check with your HR department to see if this is an option for you to take advantage of when moving.
  • Lump sum programs are also available to help with realtor referrals at origin and destination, temporary housing needs, rental properties and more… Check to see what options are available with your preferred moving provider for savings.

For more moving resources and information on ways to maximize your move, call Bruce Waller @ 972-389-5673 or email I appreciate the referrals!

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