3 keys to a successful relocation survey…

When moving to another city, or across the world, it is important to start the moving process with an in home pre-move survey. It’s the best start to a successful relocation.

Here are 3 keys to a successful survey when moving household goods.

1)    Schedule the in-home survey consultation at least 4 weeks prior to moving. This is the time when a surveyor will visit your home to take an inventory of furniture being moved to confirm how much space will be needed for the truck, and any special packing requirements.

2)    The in-home survey will also help identify special handling for items. As you can see below, the item on the wall cannot be boxed or wrapped in a moving blanket for transit. This mounted duck will require special crating so it will not get damaged during transit. This may be an item the customer wants to crate or may want to take in a personal vehicle to save costs during the move. This would be challenging to identify during a phone survey.  There may be other items like large glass, mirrors, or outdoor items.


3)      Assessing the current situation for the family moving is another key to success. This is the time to find out what additional assistance is needed for the family move. Does the family need a realtor, temporary housing, or storage?  Is the spouse managing the move? Are their kids involved? This will help identify other relocation services needed to help elevate the experience for the customer.

When planning your next move, start with an in-home move survey. This will help ease the complexities of moving for your family every time!

For more information on relocation resources, contact Bruce Waller @ bwaller@goarmstrong.com or 972-389-5673.

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