A Relocation Minute with Bruce Waller, CRP, PHR


When moving your employees and their family, why would a shuttle service fee need to be included in the moving estimate? Image

As you can see from this picture, when a home is more than 300 feet to the moving truck, a shuttle may be required to load the household goods for the family. This is when the moving provider schedules a smaller truck to get close to the home to load the household goods and “shuttle” to the moving van parked away from the home. This is very important to identify at the time of the pre-move survey. When customers seek estimates online, or over the phone, this is an area that is often missed and can cause frustration for the family/company (along with additional costs) because the driver was not aware his tractor trailer could not get close enough to access residence for loading. It is critical to discuss destination access with the family too. Many times they do not have a destination address at the time of the survey, but a good coordination process will help capture this information for the driver before the shipment is delivered.


For more information on Relocation Resources, contact Bruce Waller 972-389-5673 or send email to BWaller@GOArmstrong.com

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