A Relocation Minute update… Consider this key strategy to elevate the moving experience for your executives.

When reviewing your relocation policy for strategies to elevate the moving experience for your executives, look closely at the moving services that can make the biggest impact. One of the most important goals is to help the family settle into their new home as easy as possible. Full or partial packing services are often part of the household goods move, but the unpacking services can often lack clarity when scheduling the move delivery. The unpacking service options below should be reviewed with employee and client during the survey to understand expectations.  In many cases, a partial unpack can be sufficient for a successful move. However, a “put- away” unpack service can be an absolute game changer for an executive and family moving.Image

Below are some of the delivery options you should consider when moving your next executive.  Helping the family settle into the home is critical for a successful transition.

  1. Partial Unpacking Services

Partial Unpacking Services include Unpack Mattresses to set up beds, mirrors for dressers, and Flat screen TV Cartons. The movers will uncrate items that were crated at origin for maximum protection. This is included by majority of companies that request full moving services.

  1. Full Unpacking Service

There are times when a company will request full unpacking service for the employee. This is defined as “taking items out of box and laying on flat surface”.  The unpacking is usually scheduled for the day following unloading.  In many cases, this can be “messy” and often overwhelming for the family trying to settle in at destination.

  1. Unpack /”Put Away Service”

This is an unpack service we provide using an organizer specialty company. This service includes unpacking boxes and placing the items in the cabinets for the family the day following delivery. The service is generally set up for 2 crew members / 4-8 hours, but can be longer with larger moves. However, this has a very positive impact for the customer, and will create a very nice settling in experience for the family.

Here are a couple of examples of costs comparisons below for you to review:

Scenario 1 based on an average 2 Bedrooms Apartment:

  1. 5,000 lbs. / FULL Unpacking cost approximately $300 / *Put-away unpack service cost approximately $600.

Scenario 2: based on an average 3 Bedroom Home:

  1. 10,000 lbs. / Unpacking cost approximately $600 – $800 / *Put-away unpack service $600-$1200

Option #1 is my recommendation to include for moving services. However, if a full unpack is requested, then I will recommend #3 to unpack/put-away service.  It may be a little more cost — but can lead to a more positive experience for the executive and family as they settle into their new home – which is ultimately the goal when helping the family transition to a new city.

A good relocation partner will assess packing and unpacking needs for the executive moving during the survey process.  The service needed will typically depend on how involved the executive is during the move, as well as the time available to help the family get settled.

This has been a “Relocation Minute” update on Unpacking Services with Bruce Waller, For more information, call 972-389-5673, or email bwaller@goarmstrong.com or check out our my social media facebook and twitter page.

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