Consider adding this benefit to your policy when relocating key talent!

It is always a great strategy to review your relocation policy every 1-2 years to evaluate
exceptions and review benefits for a competitive relocation package when recruiting key talent. header-residentialWorldwideERC shares a survey list of policy changes to help companies benchmark for improvement. I have outlines the top 5 changes seen over the last 2 years below for you to compare with your relocation policy: (Source WorldwideERC)

  1. Extended Temporary Living Period.
  2. Add employees list their homes within a certain percentage of the buy-out offer (or BMA/appraisal) to qualify for homesale assistance.
  3. Added or enhanced a homesale bonus/incentives.
  4. Add or enhance duplicate housing assistance.
  5. Add or enhance guarantee buyout provision.

However, one compelling change I have personally seen from some of our clients in 2014 is not listed on this survey… But is a critical part of the household goods move.

The box-pick up or “Debris Removal” is a service that companies are adding to their relocation policy to “elevate the moving experience” for the employees. This is a service that is easy to miss until the move delivery is completed, and the employee calls to advise they have no resources to dispose of the boxes. In 2014, 20% of my clients have already added this to their existing policy, and look for this to increase.

It’s not an expensive component of the move, but it will enhance the experience since it is during the last stage of the moving process. Employees are trying to transition while helping their family settle in the new home and appreciate knowing their boxes can be picked up as soon as they complete the unpacking.

This has been a “Relocation Minute” update on the debris removal with Bruce Waller, For more relocation resources, call 972-389-5673, or email or check out our my social media Facebook and Twitter page.

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