Celebrating 10 years… 3 ways WorldwideERC helped elevate my game!

Since 1995, I have worked on my personal growth as a leader. This included reading leadership books, listening to audio tapes while driving to meetings, and being surrounded by a great network of leaders. 10-annv-380One of the areas that had a major impact on my career development in the relocation industry was testing for the Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) designation offered by WorldwideERC back in 2005. As I reflect on the last 10 years as a Certified Relocation Professional, I thought it might add some value by sharing 3 areas WorldwideERC has added value to my success in the relocation industry , and helped me become an industry expert for many of our clients transitioning their employees:

  1. CRP Certified… Looking back 10 years, I can remember how challenging the Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) exam was for me. I invested a lot of time in studying, and connected with others that were also testing to help me gauge my progress. I didn’t realize the IMPACT this designation would give me after many hours of research, and preparation. The result was increased confidence, and the understanding of tools and resources available to help others ease the complexities of relocation. There is a cost to the exam, but the ROI significant. I have always been inspired by others in our industry that has taken the time to teach and encourage me along the way. I now have a chance to teach, encourage, and inspire others in the relocation space which gives me a sense of purpose and meaning for this wonderful profession. Recommendation: Invest in the CRP certification. It can elevate your personal and professional growth in relocation.
  2. Relocation Resources … Once I was certified, I explored more as a member of WorldwideERC to maximize the value of my investment. I didn’t realize all of the relocation resources available on the website for both service providers and corporate clients, as well as belonging to a regional ERC group. One of the most impacting resources I enjoy sharing with clients is the annual Volume and Cost Survey. This resource can help company’s benchmark costs and trends. There are other great resources too. It is amazing how much value is available for anyone needing relocation support. Recommendation: Visit http://www.WorldwideERC.org and explore the resources available to elevate your program.
  3. Networking… I have enjoyed meeting so many great people in relocation industry during the last 20 years. I have attended national conferences, global symposiums, and stay very active in our regional ERC chapter called North Texas Relocation Professionals (NTRP) in Dallas, Texas. In 2011, I served as President for NTRP, and currently enjoy serving as Outreach/Scholarship committee chair. Networking and sharing with others in our industry has had a positive impact on my career. In fact, many of the people I met over the years are now great friends. I once heard someone say that “your network is your net worth”. WorldwideERC has definitely been a great resource to help increase my net worth! Recommendation: If you are involved in corporate relocation, check out the relocation resources available through WorldwideERC. It can elevate your game too!

This has been a “Relocation Minute Update” on the Value of WorldwideERC with Bruce Waller, For more information, call 972-389-5673, or email bwaller@goarmstrong.com or check out our my social media Facebook and twitter page.

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