Size Matters! 3 reasons WHY containers might elevate the experience for relocating some of your key talent…

As you may know, the transportation industry has been hampered with a driver shortage over the past few years. This has created a significant challenge for the household goods moving industry, especially during peak moving season (May – August). However, challenges also lead to opportunities! The container move program is a new concept that allows moving providers to move small shipments via containers instead of loading direct on the moving van, and can actually create a better experience for the employee relocating. Containers

Here’s why:

  1. The container moving service caters to the small move, but replicates a full service moving experience. Shipments are picked up/delivered by professional movers, while protecting furniture during transit.
  2. Day certain load and unload. Families will receive delivery spreads based on weight and miles. The smaller the shipment, the longer the delivery spread. However, the container move will guarantee one day pick up and one day delivery which is a significant benefit for planning the delivery at destination.
  3. Up to 3 weeks use of the containers that include storage. When moves are registered, the container move includes storage at destination. This is critical when the employee is looking for a place to live. Cost for storage beyond 3 week time frame is minimal.

The container move has many advantages for the employee living in a small apartment. However, this service is limited to SIZE of furniture, VOLUME requirements, and selected MARKETS.

Talk to your relocation provider about container options to see if it makes sense for some of your employee relocations. It just might be the answer for moving your next college students or executive relocating for a short term assignment.

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