My favorite part of relocation is…

Mike Singletary, the Hall of Fame linebacker for the Chicago Bears once said, “Do you know what my favorite part of football is? …it’s the opportunity to play.”

I feel this way about relocation too. It’s about the opportunity to help others during a stressful time in their life. opportunity

Employee relocation is not a one size fits all. Employees and their family may be moving for the first time, while others have moved multiple times. Regardless of the number of moves, relocation can be stressful. This is why it is important to assess the employee moving needs on a case by case basis. Every relocation is unique and important to the family moving no matter how big the move is or how far they are moving.

Employee relocation can also be stressful for the HR professional that is responsible for managing the relocation. For me, it’s about the opportunity to build partnerships to understand the relocation needs, anticipating challenges, and seeing things through the customer lens. It’s also about the opportunity to add value by teaching and sharing resources that will elevate the relocation experience.

Yes, that is what I enjoy about relocation, the opportunity to develop and grow long term partnerships that make relocation a great experience for everyone.

What is your favorite part of relocation?


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