3 leadership lessons that can elevate your business and relocation for your key talent.

I recently read the book called “Beating Goliath” featuring Baylor University football coach Art Briles, by Don Yaeger. This book has a lot of takeaways regarding football, business and life. This is a great read whether you are a football fan, or just want to take a deep dive into leadership and how people handle adversity. Art Briles is from Texas and coached Texas High School and College Football for many years. He played football at the University of Houston. During this time, his parents and grandparent were driving to see him play a football game in Dallas at the Cotton bowl and were killed in a car crash. I can’t imagine how this college student was feeling at the time, or how he overcame so much adversity to be one of the best football coaches in the country. There are a lot of leadership takeaways, but want to keep it short and share three observations that could impact business and specifically relocation.BeatingGoliath

  • “The past is last.” Art Briles uses this phrase a lot in his book along with others. The bottom line is that we can’t do anything about the past, but have the opportunity to make different choices today. You may be new to relocation or have always been told to give employees a check for their move. This may be the time to review and say – hey we have a great opportunity to elevate our program and service levels without increasing costs. Your employees will appreciate it!
  • “Pushing Creativity.” I love how Art Briles challenges his coaches (staff) to come up with new ideas. “If you are going to adapt, you have to have new ideas. You have to have an environment where people around you feel comfortable with expressing their thoughts. It’s about creating an environment that nurtures new ideas, not just keep repeating the same old tactics and assuming it will work.” Are you sharing your ideas with your leadership team? It can make a difference.
  • “Turning Points.” We have all had these moments, right? However, Art Briles talks about how every day is a turning point. “Each moment in your life is a chance to change your approach, do something great to get yourself or your business to a positive outcome.” The next great occurrence just may be meeting with your relocation partner to find out more about options to consider when pursuing a potential candidate. You just might ook back one day and say that was a turning point for our company.

The best part is when Art Briles asks his players and coaches which “plays” they like best in the games. This makes them (players and staff) feel included in the process and gives them a sense of ownership when their play is called.

Why not ask your employees what relocation services they like most when moving and build around the answers?

Share your ideas with your stakeholders, and relocation partners to see what you can build together. I am confident that when you do this, you will be on your way to a winning season!

This has been a “Relocation Minute” update on the Art Briles Book “Beating Goliath” with Bruce Waller, For more information, call 972-389-5673, or email bwaller@goarmstrong.com or check out our my social media Facebook and twitter page.

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