3 Super Bowl takeaways to elevate your company in 2015

As I reflected on one of the great Super Bowl endings in the last 49 years, it occurred to me there are some important takeaways that we can use to “be better” in 2015 as employees, leading departments, and as an enterprise.

Here are my 3 takeaways from the Super Bowl:


1. Everybody has a story. Did you know Seattle receiver Chris Matthews went from a sporting goods store clerk at Foot Locker to playing in the Super Bowl? How about game winning interception Malcom Butler getting his first interception of the season, or Julian Edelman from Kent State? Just like in our business, there are many employees that have a story to tell. Let’s invest some time this week to listen to our employees and learn about their story. It just might elevate their passion to grow and make a difference.

2. Preparation is the key to success. Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, head coaches all talk about the importance of preparation. However, did you hear what Malcom Butler, the undrafted free agent out of West Alabama said about his game winning interception? He said they thought that Seattle would run the ball, but when he saw how they lined up for the play, they knew it would be a slant pass play because they had practiced against it earlier in the week. In fact, Butler advised that his coach kept telling him to be more aggressive if he sees the play or it will be a touchdown for the opposing team. It was a great play at the end of the game, but only because the Patriots defensive back had prepared for it earlier and was ready. What are you preparing for this week? Are you ready for a critical play or conversation that will be taking place? Take some time to prepare for a critical moment this week and make the big play for your team!

3. Teamwork makes the Dream work. The New England Patriots are world champions once again. Tom Brady is one of the most prominent quarterbacks in Super Bowl history with 4 rings, all-time touch down leader and more… But did you know he threw touchdowns to 4 different players, and when it came down to the last few seconds, it was an unknown defense back that made the game winning play? The Patriots don’t win without the interception, or the touchdown throws. How about Julian Edelman with 11 catches in critical times during the game. The player from Kent State who was one of the last players taken in the draft. What about the extra points made by the field goal kicker after each score? Yes, it takes each player on the team playing their role to be successful. Operations, Sales, Customer Service, and Accounting are all critical to business success. Let’s take some time this week and let others know how important they are to the success of the team. It will make a difference!

Call to action: Write one note, or make a call this week to an employee and let them know how much they mean to the team, where they add value, and something they do that makes the organization go. It just might elevate your team’s success in 2015!

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