3 Leadership lessons that will elevate your network and personal growth.

I just finished reading “41, a portrait of my father by George W. Bush. This is a wonderful book about a man that understands hard work, values, family, and the importance of serving others. I wanted to share 3 leadership lessons that I took away that can help you expand your professional and personal network and elevate your personal growth.


1. “A devotion to serving others is one of the most important values in a man.” I love this quote by George H.W. Bush. We all have strengths and the opportunity to contribute something to make this a better place for others. What is most interesting is that when you help others, you receive so much more. When I decided to serve in my community, and local HR and Relocation organizations, my approach was to add value by helping others, and try to meet people along the way. As I reflect on the last 10 years, it is amazing to see what I have received along the way starting with an incredible network of talented people (who are now great friends) that have all been part of shaping my life. This is the starting point when looking to elevate your growth and expand your network.

2. Implementing the 10 foot rule will expand your network. When George H.W. Bush was a business man in Midland, Texas, he had a 10” rule approach which means that any time he was within 10 feet of someone, he would introduce himself and ask if there was anything he could do to help. This is the best way to expand your network. I often see people standing around at business and community events not really talking to anyone. This is the opportunity to meet someone new, possibly learn from them, and look for ways to add value. I often share one of my favorite Darren Hardy quotes “Your NETWORK is your NET WORTH “ because it perfectly aligns with this rule.   We are all here to meet people and learn from others, right? Next time you are at an event and within 10 feet of someone, go up and introduce yourself. It can be a game changer for both of you.

3. Use letters to share lessons learned. I enjoy sending and receiving letters of encouragement and the impact it can make on someone. One of my favorite letters was when I received a note about 5 years ago from my VP Sales. He shared a program from the UVL convention with a personal note written to me that said he is looking forward to seeing me there one day as a “Presidents Club” nominee. This was inspiring and I was fortunately able to share this story with our team in 2014 when I was a “Presidents Club” nominee for the 1st time at the convention. George W. Bush shares many of his father’s notes in “41” that are written to his family and friends. The approach he used was to share life lessons and encouragement for others. It is so inspiring and impacting to see how he shared his thoughts to help others. Unfortunately, we post most everything today to social media and email which can make it easy to get lost along the way. My hope is to be more disciplined to make writing personal notes a priority when opportunity presents itself.

Call to action: Take an opportunity this week to serve in your community, or write a personal note to someone on your mind that you can encourage, or just to let them know you are thinking about them. It will make a difference.

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