3 things that will impact your employees moving this summer!

It’s hard to believe that we are less than 60 days away from the busiest time of year when families get ready to relocate in the US and abroad. We have seen a major shift in the household goods transportation industry from driver shortage to increased government safety regulations. The lack of drivers has created a major challenge for many moving companies to handle the increased demand to relocate their most critical talent. Hours of Service regulations has also been reduced to make it challenging to meet aggressive delivery times for the customer.

Here are 3 things that might impact your employees moving this summer…Truck Armstrong

1. Due to the driver shortage, household goods moving companies will need more time to plan the move which makes early registration very critical. Moving date reservations need to be made 7-10 days during non-peak season, but will require 2-3 weeks during the summer in many cases. It is more critical now than ever for corporate clients to have a transportation agreement with a moving partner during the summer peak moving season.

2. Delivery spreads are based on weight and miles. With the decrease in hours of service, it will be more challenging to meet aggressive delivery spreads. Counseling and communicating with employees during at the beginning of the survey process is the key to a successful relocation.

3. Alternative shipping options, such as full service containers may be required to service smaller shipments in a timely fashion. The benefits of containers do include a one day pick up and one day delivery for the employee moving.

Call to action: Review your current partner’s approach to servicing your employee moves this summer. If there are any gaps, consider adding a secondary provider for peak moving season.

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