Armstrong Move Coordinator Saves the Day!

Everyone has a relocation story, right? Here is one you might not have heard before. I am so inspired by employees that take ownership and find ways to elevate the customer experience.

“This winter, one of Armstrong Relocation Companies’ (Carrolton, Texas) customers called to say that they were missing had a hermit crab named Hermie. Unfortunately, Hermie’s cage was quite small and simply appeared to the movers that it was just a container with seashells. Thus the packers packed him and his “crabitat” up in their moving box. After the movers had left, the father realized what happened and called his move coordinator Christine Metcalf to alert her. ChristineMetcalfChristine immediately advised the driver and crew and asked if they could find Hermie. The driver went through all the boxes from the boy’s bedroom and did find Hermie. The driver brought Hermie into the office and left him with Christine. Luckily some of the staff knew what hermit crabs required and they made sure he had adequate sand in his cage, continuously sprayed him with declorinated water, and fed him hermit crab food. Christine kept Hermie at the office for two days until the driver could drop him off at the customer’s home. The
customer and his son were thrilled!”

Way to go, Christine and the moving crew for getting Hermie back to the customer! Special thanks to Adrian Bergkvist, Armstrong Client Service Director for sharing this article in the UniGroup Relocation newsletter…

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