Use this recruiting tool for budgeting an employee relocation… before the offer is made!

The countdown begins… 44 days, 10 hours, and 13 minutes (as I write this blog) until the start of the busiest time of year for moving families. Also known as PEAK MOVING SEASON. Companies are expanding, school is almost out, homes are selling, and families are getting ready to relocate. Many times an offer is made to an employee without knowing any of the home/family moving details which can cause frustration on both ends before the relocation.

Here are 3 questions/answers you can confirm to make relocation easy for you and the employee before the move begins. The result will be a smooth stress free relocation.small apartment move

1. Where is the employee moving from and to? When we have the zip codes, then we know the mileage for the upcoming move. As you might know, transportation charges are based on weight and miles.

2. How many bedrooms, or what is the square footage of the home? This information will give us a base volume to use for a quick budget based on average moving costs for this size home. We can also determine packing costs based on this information as well.

3. When is the preferred moving date? Critical information that will tell us how quickly to reserve moving dates. In the summer peak moving season, it can be 10-14 days for a reservation, and up to 3 weeks in difficult to service areas.

Once the budget is provided and offer is accepted, it is still important to schedule an onsite visual pre-move survey to view items moving in home, volume, packing requirements, as well as confirm loading access for an accurate estimate and move plan. This is the best way to start any move.

Call to action: If you, or someone you know needs a moving budget for an upcoming move, reach out to your moving provider to request the online tool that is available, or ask your provider to calculate the estimated cost using the information provided above. It’s that easy!

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