2 strategy’s to help recruiters land critical talent when the job includes relocation.

I once heard Tony Robbins say “complex is the enemy of execution”. This is so true! Simplicity is critical when it comes to recruiting critical talent, especially if it includes a relocation.

Did you know…? Relocation partners can help elevate the recruiting and onboarding experience for both you and the candidate. As you know, there are lots of variables that impact the candidate when making the decision to relocate the family to a new city for a new job. Community information is one of the areas that will help draw the employee and family to the new area.

I wanted to share 2 areas that relocation companies can add tremendous value when you are recruiting critical talent for your company.opportunity

1. Move Calculator. There are often times when the recruiter needs to know the estimated cost (or move budget) of a household goods move before the offer is made to the candidate. Relocation companies can help you with a moving estimate based on the zip code at origin/destination, and number of bedrooms or square footage of the home. Once you the offer is accepted, the relocation company will schedule a pre-move survey to confirm volume, packing, and price for the moving services based on the actual survey assessment.

2. New Community Information. When a job is being offered to a candidate and includes relocation, it is more than likely going to be a “family” decision. The parents want to know about school options, the kids want to know about “things to do” and more… Relocation partners have tools to help you gather information about the community to help ease the complexities for the family when making .

Once the employee makes the decision to take the job, the relocation company understands the expectations since they have been engaged in the recruiting process to help make the relocation a great experience for you and your employee.

Call to action: If you don’t have relocation included in your onboarding process, then reach out to your relocation partner to ask how to integrate this into your program. If you don’t have a partner, get one as soon as you can. It will make a difference!

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