3 blind spots YOU need to know when moving critical talent this summer!

I recently read a great book called “Enhancing Your Executive Edge” by Kim Zoller and Kerry Preston. One of the takeaways from this book was about self awareness and feedback. In this chapter, the authors talk about blind spots which is something others know, but you are not aware. When thinking about this, I can see how this also relates to employee relocation. A great relocation partner can help you see “blind spots” that you may not be able to see when moving critical talent. You may be able to improve your relocation program from both a cost and quality perspective by just having a brief review.

Here are 3 blind spots to be aware of during the busy summer peak season: Executive Edge

  1. Capacity. Typically, employees need a 7 day notice to move their household goods. During peak moving season (May-Sep), employees need to reserve their moving date at least 2 weeks prior to loading in order to secure their preferred moving date. Some areas may require up to 3-4 weeks. Direct contracted moves will always get first in line services.
  2. Cost Savings. Moving providers work with companies direct to offer significant cost savings. Companies that don’t have a partnership agreement can experience much higher costs during peak season due to the high demand of moving services known as “capacity pricing”. Even if you are getting bids, moving companies are using capacity pricing which can be significantly higher during the summer which means even if the price is lowest bid, it may not be best pricing with an agreement. Most importantly, direct billed moves are considered non-taxable income to employeewhich provides significant cost savings for employee and eliminates a company gross up cost.
  3. Safety. Peak season is the time of year when moving complaints are at their highest due to rogue movers taking advantage of families that have to pay for their own move when companies don’t have a partnerships in place, including employees that receive lump sums bonuses for their relocation. The best relocation partners have processes in place to insure moving crews are background checked to make sure there are no strangers in the home during the move. It’s critical for employees to have a great moving experience during the onboarding process and knowing who is in your employees home will make the difference.

Other blind spots might be relocation services available to assist with real estate, temporary housing, and new community information to ease the complexities for the family in transition.

What are YOUR blind spots?

Call to action: Contact your relocation partner to discuss possible blind spots to help elevate your program. Your employees will appreciate it and so will YOU!

… and go purchase this great book to Enhance YOUR Executive Edge! You will enjoy it…

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