The Consumer Electronics Industry Throws Movers a Curve—OLED TVs

Flashback to the late 1970’s! The hot new consumer electronic item is the video home system (VHS) and VCR. Customers wanted to list it on the High-Value Inventory. Time marched on and eventually pricing decreased. The point is not the cost, but the fact that as movers we figured out how to handle and transport the systems. We find ourselves in a similar situation with the new curved screen or OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) televisions.

curve tvII

Dramatic innovations allow for huge screen sizes producing high definition images in vibrant colors. New materials have resulted in very thin and light weight units. These same design features present challenges during interstate relocations. Many manufacturers recommend moving the TV in its original carton and associated packaging materials. Of course this is dependent on a customer retaining the original packaging and allowing the mover to use it if it has remained in good condition. Absent the original carton and material, crating is currently the best practice for relocating these types of TVs. The unique curved screen design results in a depth measurement that cannot be accommodated by existing specialty flat screen TV cartons. Due to the delicacy of this product, see the sidebar for guidance when curved screen TVs are tendered for transport on interstate shipments.

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