Celebrating 30 years! What make a great partnership?

Today is my 30 year wedding anniversary. Where does the time go? It’s a wonderful moment in time to celebrate a life-long commitment with my wife, the mother of my 3 children, and my best friend. As I reflect on our life long journey together, it makes me think of things that go into a great partnership in both my personal life and in employee relocation.IMG_4314

  1. Commitment – The key to long term success. Life is full of challenges, and we often experience challenges in business and our personal lives. This is especially true in relocation during the summer. You are either going into a challenging situation, or coming out of one. The key is being committed to working together in a collaborative way for win/win results.
  2. Values – Integrity and teamwork are a couple of values that need to be part of a successful partnership. Each value is a small part of the foundation needed in a successful partnership. Right now is a great time to identify your values that are critical for success.
  3. Balance – I once read a quote from Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos. He said “it’s not about work/life balance, but work/life integration”. We are all busy with our business and personal life, right? Take time to make sure you are investing time in the highest priorities for impact.

We all know great partnerships take time to develop. Investing time in them will result in success in both business and in life.

Call to action: Send a note to someone you care about today. It will not only put a smile on their face, but elevate the experience in your journey together.

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