Dennis’s story ~ Some of the challenges employees face when relocating.

I was recently contacted by a customer named Dennis to assist with a moving estimate for his upcoming move from Dallas to Hawaii. Dennis advised he recently accepted a new job in Hawaii and the company asked him to get bids for his household goods move. When I arrived, I learned just how difficult this was for his family and wanted to share some of the challenges employees face when relocating:UTS_S32-33_16

  • When I arrived, we walked through the home and Dennis explained how they are busy getting the house ready to put on the market to sale. Dennis advised his challenge was tring to find a home online at destination with limited support.
  • This weekend the family de-cluttered giving items away to family, friends, and charity to reduce costs and simplify the move since they are going from a 3,500 sq ft home to a 1,500 sq ft home on the island.
  • Dennis just finished getting their daughter set up to attend junior college in Texas, but now they are frantically calling colleges in Hawaii trying to get scheduled.
  • Dennis’s son decided to stay in US since he attends a college in Louisiana.
  • Oh… and Dennis advised that his wife’s mom was tragically killed in a car accident earlier this year and they are overwhelmed with what to do with all her items that she kept since most of everything she has is sentimental.
  • Saying goodbye to family and friends and coordinating all of what goes into a relocation has been overwhelming.

Dennis mentioned that he has moved several times which is comforting being familiar with the process. However, his last few relocations, the company had vetted a partner so they didn’t have to get multiple bids and helped guide them during the process from assisting with home marketing, to moving the household goods to providing community and school information in the local area.

His new company doesn’t have a partnership and provides a lump sum that requires employee to get multiple bids for moving the household goods. They werent sure who to call, so they just went online to submit requests for bids. This was daunting as they really didnt know how to evaluate the multiple costs received online. They also know there is risk regarding a quality moving service since company is looking at the lowest bid to save costs, AND there could be issues trying to accommodate moving dates during the busy time of year. It would be a much better experience with a company sponsored partner that could alleviate a lot of the complexities of their relocation.

Yes, it’s much more than a move for both the employee and their family! It’s a Relocation!

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