What is VIP? Apply these 3 VIP principles to elevate your leadership…

I was recently having dinner with my wife listening to her share a story that she heard at a teachers conference. The person speaking was talking about how using 3 VIP princicples can make IMPACT you as a leader. I immediately thought about how this can apply to any area of your company as an HR leader, Customer Service associate, Sales, Operations, Finance, and all areas of business as well as your personal life. So what does VIP mean?


  • Be VISIBLE.: As a business leader, it’s important to BE VISIBLE within your company. It’s critical for each of us to walk around our workplace and connect with other team members during the day to understand challenges employees are facing, asking questions, and be seen as a leader that cares about helping people.
  • Be IN the moment: We all get busy with meetings, projects, and day to day activity. While each of us are dealing with each issue, its so important to focus IN the moment for impact. Pausing to ask questions for understanding is key before moving to the next task.
  • Be PREDICTABLE: When I describe people that are predictable, I often use the word consistent. We all know when people are consistent, right? They are on time, they show up with a good attitude, and are consistent when making a commitment. People appreciate leaders that are PREDICTABLE in their approach when working with customers, business partners, and with employees.

John Maxwell once shared “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”. Focusing on the 3 VIP principles will elevate your leadership in business and in life!

Call to action: Be intentional in your VIP approach today when connecting with others and you will experience growth in your leadership, AND be a great example for others looking to grow.

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