What? I don’t have a blue sticker? Being inspired!

Several years ago I attended a conference in Chicago and got to hear Mike Singletary, NFL Hall of Fame player for the Chicago Bears speak during the closing session. Mike shared several inspiring stories about his family life and football career. There were lots of great takeaways, but one story inspired me like no other. Mike shared that throughout his playing career from high school to professional football, people would say that he couldn’t do things – when in his mind he knew he could if he worked hard enough. His determination and hard work helped him find a way around all of the “no’s” in his life. When he was a rookie for the Chicago Bears, Mike shared a story that he was only supposed to be in the game during special teams because he needed to learn the defense as a rookie. Mike said that he was anxious and ready to play defense and was trying to find a way to get in. On one play, a defensive player was injured and had to leave the game. The head coach turned to another linebacker to go in the game, but saw Mike had already run on the field. Well, the rest is history as Mike became a hall of fame linebacker which included a super bowl championship. I loved that story! MikeSingletary

The facilitator advised everyone when the conference was over that if you had a blue sticker, you could enter a special room to meet Mike and get an autograph. However, I didn’t have a blue sticker. So I began to think about how Mike had been told no his whole life and set out to find a way. Yes, I found a way to get in line to get a picture and autograph! It was a great moment standing next to Mike Singletary and sharing how much his message inspired me.

So what’s the takeaway? When companies look to relocate critical talent, business goals often include elevating the customer experience, decreasing costs, and improving quality for both the company and family moving. Use this story to “find a way”  when exploring options to meet these challenges or for your own personal challenges to elevate your leadership growth.

Call to action: Find a way this week to do something others told you that you can’t. You will be inspired! Then go out and share your experience with others…

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