3 Leadership Lessons to help your TEAM Stand Tall!

De La Salle High School in Concord, California was recently featured in the movie “When the Game Stands Tall” featuring Head Football Coach Bob Ladouceur’s teams that won 151 consecutive high school football games from 1992 – 2004, a winning streak that stands today. There are so many great leadership takeaways from this movie that can make us all better leaders in business and in our personal life.

Here are a few lessons to think about as you lead your team into the last quarter of 2015:brucetruck

  1. Authentic Leadership – Coach Bob Ladouceur was a genuine leader that cared and connected with his players. He invested in each person to assist them to become successful beyond football. As leaders, we can also invest in our people by connecting and developing relationships with our colleagues to help them find ways to add value in their role in the company. You may never really know what support a person needs to be successful until you take time to connect and find the passion that makes their heart swell. John Maxwell says it best, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”
  2. Accountability – One of my favorite parts of the movie (and most impacting) is when each player wrote down his commitment for the week on a small index card and shared with another player. The other player would say that he accepts the commitment and they shook hands. Wow, this is powerful. What if we all shared a commitment with our colleagues each week in business? It might be a commitment to getting reports in on time, returning customer calls within a certain time period, or a commitment to spending 30 minutes with a different employee each week to learn more about their story and how they might better support them. When you hold each other accountable, you may be able to accomplish things that you didn’t think would be possible.
  3. Pursuing Common Goals. – When the players talk about their success, they all mention brotherhood. This is because people are not thinking about themselves, but are thinking of others and how they can achieve a common goal as a TEAM. What are your TEAM goals? Now might be a great time to make this a part of your next department meeting as you head down the stretch to finish strong on 2015.

It’s not about the wins. Wins are the outcome. It’s about the person you become during the process. -Coach Bob Ladouceur

Call to action: Take time this week to share your team goals as a group and talk about individual commitment and strategies to help each person achieve the TEAM goals. Its more than a business, it’s about people helping people to win as a TEAM!

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