Surveying the employee relocation… Each customer has a different story.

The moving survey is one of the most critical parts of the employee relocation. This is the time to confirm volume and packing requirements for the household goods move. It is also time to view the access for loading the truck on move day. However, the survey goes way beyond the basics of assessment. It’s about the EXPERIENCE! So how can your partner elevate the experience for the employee as they go through the onboarding process and get ready for a transfer to a new area?


Here are 2 customer story takeaways from today: UTS_S32-33_16

Customer # 1 is Lesa moving to a new state… As I arrived at the home, I learned from Lesa that this is her first professional relocation. She didn’t really know what to expect and was anxious to hear about the process and how she can make this a painless experience. So, I started by sitting at the table with her to ask lots of questions about preferred move date, destination arrival, where they would be staying before goods arrived, if she had any items that needed extra care, etc. Then, I outlined the moving process and confirmed who she would be working with throughout the move. We also talked things she can do to prepare before move day. Very KEY! She also has children that will be moving with her and how challenging things have been trying to find schools, and a new home. Once we finished the survey, she had a peace of mind knowing the process. It’s so much more than a survey, It’s the starting point to helping a family transition to a new area.

Customer # 2 is Mary moving abroad on an international assignment. When I arrived at Mary’s home, I learned she has extensive experience moving in the US and abroad. Therefore, she wasn’t as concerned about process but about policy for volume allowance. Mary was in a situation in which she had a volume allowance in her policy so some goods would be moved in a steamship a container, and other items would go to local storage for a few years. Here is her challenge… She is not going on her house hunting trip until the first part of December due to Visa paperwork delays and they are moving at the end of December. This survey required lots of questions and guidance to help with identifying what might be loaded in container, and items that will be stored in the US. I was very surprised when how she thanked me for coming to the home to survey the items and have a discussion. Her last move, she advised the company did not send anyone out to residence and they were unsure about everything all the way through delivery from abroad. I asked similar questions such as preferred moving date, and what we can do to help make this a great experience for her. One of her requests was to separate and itemize international and storage items on the survey so we could review again after the house hunting trip. Once completed, she advised how great she felt about her upcoming move.

The survey is more than assessing volume. It’s about listening to the customer, learning what needs to happen for the move to be a great experience, and being an encourager as the family prepares for a new journey.

So, what happens if the surveyor doesn’t ask good questions and assumes? It will probably be hard to meet expectations and provide the experience that the employee expects and deserves.

Call to action: Reach out to your relocation partner and find out more about the survey process. In fact, you might even ask about joining your provider on a survey to understand the process. You will be amazed at the value the survey adds to the employee relocation.

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