Commit to this approach for a better YOU in 2016!

In 2006, the Oklahoma Sooners earned a trip to the Big 12 Championship game to play the Nebraska Cornhuskers in Kansas City, Missouri. However, the Sooners did not know they would be playing until the week before when the Texas Longhorns were upset the last game of the regular season. During the weekend, my oldest son surprised me with an early Christmas gift, two tickets to the Big 12 championship game in Kansas City. This was one of the greatest gifts that I had ever received, the opportunity to experience a trip to a college football championship game with my son. I had a lot of emotions during this week. I was definitely surprised and excited about the event, but also unsure and concerned about the trip knowing it would be snowing, and driving from Dallas would normally be 7-8 hours to Kansas City and much longer in bad weather. I was also concerned about getting a hotel at the last minute. As I thought about everything through my own lens, it would just be much more comfortable staying in Dallas to watch the game from the comfort of my living room with a fire in the fireplace. There I was only looking through my own lens…

“The more you experience in life, the more you have to share with others.” Sara Blakely

The next week we were on a flight to Kansas City with the help of our friends. Our rental car representative assisted us with getting a closer hotel by the stadium, and the Sooners went on the defeat the Huskers in one of the coldest football games I have ever attended. It was a special moment to enjoy and share with others. I share this personal story because it aligns many times in business and our personal life when we are only looking through our own lens;brucetruck

  • In HR, we might not be listening to our employees for a better way, or when they are having challenges with their daily work assignments. Do we ask our employees how they feel about the current process, or what they might do differently to improve the experience?
  • In Relocation, we often accept the current policy or process when a few strategies could make it a better relocation experience for the employee/family moving. Are we open to meeting with our employees to find out more about their concerns or experience expectations, or meeting with relocation specialists  to see if they might have a better approach to improve the experience.
  • In Leadership, we often look only from our perspective without asking our managers or employees point of view. Are you asking your employees for input? What are doing to build relationships with your key people?

My favorite word for 2016 was VULNERABILITY. We often find strength in others when we are more  vulnerable, open to sharing our weakness, our experiences, and listen to others that might have a better approach for a better experience.

Are you open to looking though another person’s lens? 

Call to Action: Let this year be the year when you are open to being more vulnerable, and listening to other people’s point of view for the best experience. This approach may not only elevate your leadership, but will elevate the relationships around you.

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