Using these resources can help benchmark your employee relocation program for attracting and retaining best talent!

As we move through Q1 of 2016, many companies invest time to review onboarding programs for best practices and experience. One of these areas includes employee relocation! Do you have questions about starting points to make sure you are competitive with recruiting and relocating your teammates? Have you heard others talk about sending out an RFP or RFI to confirm alignment with competition and attracting best talent? While this may be a viable option, there are many resources available that can help you and your team with benchmarking data. Using these resources can help your team make decisions to be effective, maintain alignment, and elevate the experience for your employees when relocating.

Here are 3 resources to consider when you are ready to review:cropped-bruce2013.jpg

  1. WorldwideERC US Transfer Volume and Cost Survey. Each year WorldwideERC provides a relocation survey to members that identifies key metrics in the areas of relocation services and household goods transportation. In 2015, we are continuing to see an upward trend in US domestic transfer volumes. Choosing to rent instead of purchasing a home continues to be a trend as well. Check out for more information.
  2. Atlas recently released their 48th Corporate Relocation Survey results. This survey provides data from almost 500 companies with insight into relocation for both US domestic and International. Lump Sums continue to be a vital part of relocation as well. Check out the survey here…
  3. Personal Referrals. Reaching out to personal friends or HR business partners is another approach to benchmarking your program for alignment. This is a great strategy because of the opportunity to ask one-on-one questions for feedback on challenges and successes of the programs from policy design to employee feedback.

Researching WorldwideERC survey, Atlas Survey, and talking with referrals can elevate your program for you to attract great people and deliver a great experience for their family along the way…

Call to Action: Check out the resources above and call or email at least one (1) person you know to ask for a personal referral to have a business discussion on relocation strategies. Set up a brief meeting to make sure your program is in alignment. You and your teammates will be glad you did!

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