This step is critical in your leadership growth…

One of the best parts about leadership growth is investing time to reflect on your past and identifying leadership lessons to share with others. In the early 90’s, I was meeting my wife at the local car dealership to check on getting her automobile serviced. My 4-year-old son was sitting in the passenger seat of my truck, and my 2-year-old daughter was strapped into her car seat in the middle next to me. It seems like yesterday when I pulled into the new car dealership within a few yards of my wife’s car outside the service area as she spoke with the car attendant. After a few minutes, I decided to put my truck in park and get out to check things out. All of a sudden my wife shouted “your truck is moving”. I immediately turned around and tried to grab the gear shift to put into park. I finally opened the door and put my foot on the brake and shifted into park… right after it rammed into a brand new car.  I looked over and my daughter had found a way to get out of her car seat and lean on the steering wheel and gear shift which put my truck in drive. I looked over at my son and said, “Why did you let her do this?” He looked at me with his straight face and said, Dad, I didn’t know she could drive!” After smiling, I immediately knew one thing was true… I needed to take responsibility for this accident by not turning off the vehicle when I decided to get out of the truck.

Many times we don’t think about the importance of responsibility which is a relative for the Services_int_Destinationword accountability. When we say we are going to do something, are we committed no matter what gets in the way? How about goal setting and follow-up? When we fail, do we think about who’s fault it was, or do we look for the gaps to close when we face the situation next time.

I once heard Robin Roberts say that her mom would always tell her to “make her mess her message”. Taking responsibility is critical to moving forward in your leadership growth.

  • What business or personal goals have you identified for you to make a difference?
  • Is there a policy that needs to be changed, but it will take a group effort for success?
  • What are some things you can do in 2016 to help advance your career?

Call to Action: Take some time this week to identify 2-3 goals that is your responsibility and try to move them forward. You might want to reach out to a mentor or someone who you know for leadership support. They will enjoy helping you achieve your goals for success.

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