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I was in the 7th grade attending Northwood Middle School in the fall of 1978 when I was impacted by an amazing teacher named Gilman (Gil) Davis. Toward the end of our class period, Mr. Davis was sharing information and teaching us about student council and volunteer responsibilities as a leader. When someone asked who we should vote for class President, I listened closely and followed his instructions that has helped me for more than 30 years. Here is the wisdom he shared.

“Vote for the person that looks you in the eye, shakes your hand, and asks how he can help you… difference a day makes

So you know what I did the rest of the week before school, at lunch, during recess, and after school? I shook every students hand in school, and asked how I could help them for their vote on student council. A few weeks later my name was announced as the class president in 7th grade…

What I realize today is that Mr. Davis was teaching his students about leadership, networking, AND how to add value to others.

Here are the takeaways I learned in 7th grade that has made a difference in my leadership today:

1. Be a good listener to understand other people’s perspective so you can help add value. Tom Izzo, coach of Michigan State coin the phrase “listen to learn and learn to listen”.
2. Expanding your network allows you to be a resource and add maximum value for others. I often share a phrase I heard from Darren Hardy more than 10 years ago “Your network is your net worth”!
3. Encouraging someone will increase their confidence, inspire them to pursue their dreams, and take action for success. I am so thankful for all of the people that have encouraged me on my journey through life. I am looking forward to sharing more life lifters in this series. Each one of them has made significant difference in my leadership journey.

Who lifted YOU in school to give you the confidence for breakthrough today?

John Maxwell says it best when describing life lifters, “You have to touch the heart before you can ask for the hand.” Encouraging people to believe in their dreams makes impact at any age!

Call to action: Be a lifter! Next time you are meeting with someone at work or in your personal life, find a way to connect so that you can be a resource to help them achieve their goals and dreams. It might be sharing an article or just sending an encouraging note. One day they might share how you lifted them to success.

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