Be a Lifter Leadership Series – #2 These people provided the LEAP in my leadership!

Today is the 29th day of February which only happens once in every 4 years also known as “LEAP YEAR.” When I think about leap, I think about moving / jumping forward to make significant progress. When I think about all of the times I “leaped” forward in my career and personal life, I can clearly see that I had lifters next to me providing encouragement and confidence in my decision. Lifters not only offer encouragement, but also see the potential in others and know how to bring out the best in them!

Have you been lifted on your journey? Who helped you “Leap” forward? Have you shared your story with them?

Today, I want to share 3 examples of how others lifted me to take a leap of faith which has helped me be successful on journey:Lifter

  1. In 1995, I had just finished college and working as a manager for my parents bowling business. It was a great experience, but I worked at nights and my wife taught school in the day time. This didn’t really work that well for us and our 3 kids. When my brother shared an opportunity for me to relocate to Dallas, we talked about it and made the move. This only happened because I had my family lifting me up and giving me the confidence to take the leap. I’m happy to be in relocation 20 years later and enjoy it now more than ever!
  2. In 2004, I decided to take a position as a sales consultant over operations management offers because I wanted (and needed) to round out my leadership skills in the area of sales. Fortunately for me, my boss is a lifter and constantly encouraged me to learn and grow to better myself so that I could add value to others that were in HR including relocation. This month, I am starting my 13th year at Armstrong Relocation only because of my boss and all of the people that lift me up daily.
  3. In 2012, I enjoyed serving in the leadership role of President for DallasHR. This organization is the 6th largest SHRM organization in the U.S. I remember the day a good friend planted the seed for me to consider applying for the role. It was because of this person that gave me the confidence to take the leap. I am so thankful for the many lifters in the organization that have helped me become a better leader today.

You need lifters in your life to provide you encouragement, give you confidence, and inspire you to take action. I am a better leader because of these amazing lifters in my life.

So who is your lifter? Are you investing time to lift others? What are some things you can do to lift others to take the leap needed to help them reach their potential? It really starts with asking questions to find out their goals and dreams. Once you tap into this, you are on your way!

Call to action: Surround yourself with LIFTERS! Take time this week to write a note or send someone an email to help lift them up. It may be a customer, a business partner, a colleague, or a friend. I would enjoy hearing your story. Send me an email to

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