3 Goals HR and Talent Management Leaders should have in next 30 days!

In just 60 days, moving companies across the country will start closing off dates to move families due to peak season capacity. School is out, and families start preparing for their relocation to a new city, or across country. March 16 marks the start of the 2016 peak moving season and the driver shortage over the past few years continues to make significant impact on date availability during the summer months. Did you know approx 60% of the household goods moves happen in the four month span of May, June, July, and August each year?60days

Here is some great news… There are a few things you can do over the next 30 days to prepare for the upcoming peak moving season as an HR professional to elevate the experience for your employees and ensure a smooth summer for your HR team. Here are 3 things to focus on now for maximum impact!

  1. Schedule a client review… to confirm expectations for alignment. If you haven’t reviewed your 2015 activity and 2016 projections, now is the time to make sure you and your relocation provider are in alignment with results and discuss strategies for process improvement. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 moves, or 100 moves annually. Take time to discuss volume, quality, costs, company goals and initiatives for the New Year. There are also “value added” programs available today that include home marketing assistance and other benefits with no additional cost even when you provide a lump sum. This will help elevate the experience for your employees moving!
  2. Update Policy… for both US domestic and/or international. The economy has changed in last few years. HR and Talent Management leaders are leveraging ways to be more competitive in the market to land key talent while containing costs along the way. There are many types of policies depending on how complex your program is. Reach out to your provider for benchmarking, trends, and best practices. This will give you the data needed to make changes for improvement or updates if needed.
  3. Equip your employees… Since peak moving season starts in less than 2 months, now is the time to start sharing this information with your employees moving. It’s critical they contact the moving company as early as possible to schedule the pre-move survey even if they are not ready to reserve dates. This approach allows the family to be ready to schedule move once they are ready to go. Ask your relocation provider for information to share with the employee when assigning the move. They will appreciate it. Also, try to stay away from bid moves during the summer. Moving companies typically will not reserve dates until they are secured moves and many times will frustrate the employee that is ready to reserve moving date. Use a distribution approach during the summer if needed.

Thought of the Day: “The Bigger the WHY, the Easier the HOW!” – Jim Rohn

Call to action: Reach out to you relocation partner to review 2016 peak season for alignment in next 30 days. If you dont have one, I encourage you to find one asap. I am confident you will find value in a 30-60 minute call/meeting. There may be something you can add to your program without additional costs. Your employees will appreciate it and so will you!

This has been “A Relocation Minute update with Bruce Waller” on “60 days To Peak Season”, for more information on relocation resources, call 972-389-5673, or email bwaller@goarmstrong.com. You can also follow me on Twitter @ brucewaller too!

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