3 Leadership Strategies to help YOU “get out of the trees to see the forest”.

When I speak to business professionals in HR and Payroll, many will share they don’t take time to “get out of the office” for education and networking because they are so busy with day to day activities. This reminds me of the quote, “you can’t see the forest through the trees“.

Several years ago, I had a leadership position in my company that presented this type of challenge for me. One of my responsibilities was to approve all of our operational expenses before they were paid each week. The objective was to audit for accuracy and request adjustments if needed. This was challenging for me due to the volume of invoices and resources available in my department. I was so busy trying to keep up with these along with other tactical activities in my department that I didn’t invest some time to improve the process. Looking back, I could have shared these issues with my vendors or other business partners to possibly streamline the process to free up some of the time I was spending on these. It quickly caused burnout for me personally, because I didn’t connect with others for solutions. I was in the trees and couldn’t see the big picture.

When people are so busy with daily tactical activities, it can be a challenge to see how focused they are on the details and often fail to see the bigger picture for success.

Here are 3 resources to help you get out of the trees to see the forest…:forest

  1. Include stakeholders – Involving others in the process will allow you to get many perspectives. It may take more time to get to a decision, but there is so much value in the buy-in process from trust to relationship building to elevating the experiences for everyone.
  2. Engage business partners or vendors – Its a great approach to include your partners for best practices. For example, a company relocation policy is the heartbeat to a great relocation program. Discussing policy updates with your partner will give you a better view to achieve program goals. Many times there are value added benefits for your employees such as home marketing assistance for the family with no additional cost to company. Developing partnerships is critical for growth.
  3. Commit to educational offerings – Connect with your local chapter in SHRM or Payroll chapters for resources. If you need support with employee relocation, then check out WorldwideERC. There are many organizations with a local chapter available to help you with benchmarking, resources, and opportunities to expand your network along the way.

Now is the time to invest in taking action. In the end, you will move closer to achieving company goals by developing a team plan, build relationships with key stakeholders, and understand where to find resources to give your employees a great experience working with you. Most importantly, you will build some amazing relationships as you surround yourself with great people.

“A conversation can change your life.” -Mel Robbins

Call to action: Schedule a brief call this week with a key stakeholder or business partner to review a challenge you are having or to get support for one of your goals this year. It can make significant impact on your leadership journey.

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