5 Critical questions to ask your relocation partner before peak moving season begins next month!

Since we are 30 days away from the 2016 Peak Moving Season, I want to take this opportunity to equip you with some information to help you make this year a success. You may currently have a well-oiled relocation program, and these questions will help as a validation. However, if you are looking to elevate your program this year to make the onboarding process seamless for you and your employees, asking these questions below and aligning yourself with the right partner(s) will make this year one of your best years ever – which means more successful recruiting, onboarding, and retention for your company!

Here are 5 questions to ask today before the peak season arrives in May:brucetruck

  1. Does my relocation/moving company have market share for capacity this summer? Many companies are stand alone and rely on a system of agents to service their customers, while others have offices nationwide to move your employees on their trucks for accountability and best chance success for great service. During peak season, this is critical due to date reservation cutoffs for companies that cannot move the shipment, also known as self-haul. This can often create stress for the family moving with minimal date flexibility.
  2. Does my relocation/moving company provide a single point contact model? If your move coordination team is changing often, it breaks up the consistency each time you move a new employee – including understanding culture and policy exceptions. This also includes providing “quick move budgets” for potential candidates moving.
  3. Does my relocation/moving company provide binding pricing for our lump sum moves? When involving household goods to company, it becomes non-taxable income. Therefore it makes it critical to have a binding price for the lump sum population.
  4. Does my relocation/moving company provide in house audit and reporting? When senior management is requesting costs / detail spend for a project, you should be able to lean on your provider for metrics and quick turnaround.
  5. Does my relocation/ moving company provide additional services when needed such as home marketing assistance, corporate housing, and new community information? When moving an employee, the spouse is often the person responsible for coordinating the move. Many times the family appreciates knowing about other services that are available. These services often have minimal or no cost for maximum value. Ask your partner what services are available when moving your next employee.

Call to action: If you are not sure about ALL of the moving services available from your employees moving, contact your relocation partner today to discuss options, as well as peak season guidelines and challenges to equip your employees for a great experience moving experience this summer.

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