What is the value of a certification? 5 reasons why it can make a difference!

Are you certified with a CRP, PHR, SPHR, SHRM-CP, CCP or even an RD? What is the value of a certification? I was recently having a conversation with a business partner about certifications when pursuing new job opportunities and it got me thinking about the value of a certification and why it makes impact. Here is the question: “If there are multiple candidates pursuing a position in HR, do you think a candidate with an HR certification has a bigger advantage of landing the position than the other candidates without a certification?

This is a challenging question because there are many variables involved in many different situations. However, I do think there are some distinct advantages professionals do have with a certification… and here are 5 reasons why a certification can make the difference:ceritfied

  1. Professionals with certifications invest in themselves. It doesn’t matter the industry, most certifications cost significant dollars to study and take the exam. Once completed, there is a significant cost to renew as well and while many companies pay for this, many don’t which can costly for the professional.
  2. Professionals with certifications are motivated to differentiate themselves from others in the industry. In 2005, I decided to take the CRP exam offered by WorldwideERC. This motivated me to learn not only about household goods moving, but also about real estate, tax, and other areas of corporate relocation.
  3. Professionals with certifications are goal driven. In 2012, I decided to set myself a goal to be certified in HR as the President of DallasHR. I invested and studied for months to be able to pass the HRCI exam. This was one of the most difficult tests I have taken, but It was a goal that I wanted to achieve. Since then, I have achieved the SHRM certification goal too.
  4. Professionals with certifications understand the value of continuous learning. One of the requirements of any certifications is that you must maintain many hours of industry learning to be able to renew at the end of 3 years in most cases. This is a significant investment of time for continuous education as a certified professional.
  5. Professionals with certifications understand the importance of excellence. In most cases, the certification you hold requires a “code of conduct” that you must sign in order to keep your certification. When someone signs this form, they are committed to represent with integrity and excellence in everything they do.

Whether you are pursuing a position in HR, Relocation, or any industry that has a certification, beware of the person certified. The certification letters may not be the difference maker in getting the job, but the person they became going through the process of getting certified will be the difference maker.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain

What did I miss? Send me a note and let me know if your certification has made impact, or a difference in your career!

Call to action: If you are looking for growth, consider a certification in your current industry. Reach out to someone that is currently certified and ask them to be part of your journey as a mentor, or someone to just encourage you along the way. They will appreciate it, and so will you!

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