A crisis we all need to be concerned about when moving our key talent this summer…

In this month’s WorldwideERC Mobility Magazine issue, Dave Nelson and Benjamin Heller discuss the household goods driver shortage crisis in the US and it’s impact on mobility managers, corporations, and families moving nationwide.Uniform4

The article shares data behind the driver shortage such as wage competition, driver demographics, and lifestyle changes to name a few. However, there are some underlying changes over the last few years that are making it more of a challenge for drivers when it comes to compliance, and business profitability due to high discounts. Did you know drivers are now working 15% less time due to new “hours of service” rules which decreases their compensation and often their motivation.

Both Nelson and Heller share several areas to address the crisis as well from recruiting top talent, making the industry more attractive to top drivers, and strategies to make household goods discounts more attractive for today’s van operators.

Others areas of discussion include Mobility Managers addressing program evaluation along with business model options to consider for a company to explore, We have a crisis upon us and this is something we all need to discuss when trying to hire and retain the best talent.

Specials thanks to the authors for bringing this subject to light for all of us to engage in strategic discussions to attract the very best van operators to move great talent for great companies.

You can read the article here… http://mobility.worldwideerc.org/i/671911-may-2016/97

Call to Action: Talk to your strategic relocation partners about best household goods program options to make sure your model is aligned with attracting best drivers moving your employees. It will make it a great experience for everyone.

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