A disrupter for HR to be aware of when moving key talent this summer!

Last week I attended the 2016 WorldwideERC Americas Mobility Conference in Houston, Texas. This is always a great opportunity to learn about hot topics and trends in employee relocation along with the opportunity to network with some of the best talent in mobility. One of the buzzwords I heard this year was “disrupters”.

So what is a disrupter? Dictionary.com defines it as “to cause disorder, or turmoil”. When we talk about disrupters in mobility, we talk about ideas and strategies to “disrupt” the normal way of doing things, and consider strategic ways to execute action in a different way.AMC

The small move container program is a great example of a “disrupter” in the household goods transportation industry. Small shipments such as a one bedroom apartment move has always been a challenge when it comes to move planning for the employee moving. It’s also challenging for the moving company as they need to compliment the small shipment with other small shipments or a large shipment to maximize trailer and make it a profitable move for the driver. Another challenge the small shipment brings is a long delivery schedule of 3-21 days depending on location. It can be frustrating for the customer not knowing delivery date until after loading has been completed and many times well into the delivery spread.

A “disrupter” in this situation would be setting household goods move up as a container move instead of the traditional move service! The container move allows small shipments to be loaded on container(s), shipped to destination warehouse within a week, and schedules as a one day delivery service for the customer. Another advantage of the container move includes short term storage, which is included at no additional cost for two weeks during the move in case it arrives at destination before the employee. This “disrupter” has CHANGED the traditional way of moving a small shipments and elevated the experience for the employee and family moving as well as the HR person responsible for managing the move for the company.

Future disrupters will soon include: Face-time surveys for remote areas with a smart devise and even self-driving moving trucks to leverage the driver shortage… No driver? Yikes! …more to come on this subject.

Call to action: Reach out to your relocation partner to discuss “trends” and “disrupters” in relocation to help elevate your program. If you don’t have a partner, invest the time to find a great partner to assist you when needed. Your employees relocating will appreciate it and you will too!

This has been “a Relocation Minute update” on “Disrupters” with Bruce Waller, for more information on relocation resources, call 972-389-5673, or email bwaller@goarmstrong.com. Follow me on Twitter too!

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