5 ways to Pursue a Gold Medal Daily…

5 ways to Pursue a Gold Medal Daily… A Book Summary of “The Golden Rules” by Bob Bowman.

The 2016 Summer Olympics has been fascinating to watch this month as world class athletes from around the world compete for an Olympic medal and a chance to represent their country on the podium. I recently finished an amazing book by Bob Bowman who provides 10 steps to World Class Excellence in your life and work. Bob Bowman is the Olympic swim coach for Michael Phelps and for the US Olympic Team. Bob shares some amazing stories and leadership lessons on his journey with other athletes as a swimming coach. This is a must read for those pursuing improvement in school, in business or in your personal life. The story is about coaching and developing people to help them become world class and pursue their dreams to one day be in the Olympics.

As we all know, Michael Phelps is now one of the most decorated athletes in Olympic history, but it didn’t happen overnight. Bob shares “The Method” which is a process he uses for training each athlete as they go on a journey to pursue their dreams of being a champion. “The Method” requires sustained effort to push you to improve something each day by setting intermediate goals which will help people avoid complacency. As I reflect on some of the lessons using this process, I can’t help but think about how we can all use “The Method” to improve in all facets of life. Pursuing Gold

Here are just a few takeaways from “The Method” that might elevate you in your current role:

  1. Dream Big. Do you have a dream in your current role to be the VP of HR, or CEO? Or how about a sales leader for your company? Think about something big that will bring joy to your life and write it down to start the process? The more you dream, the farther you will go!
  2. Adapt an ALL IN Attitude. I love the quote from one of our founders that said “Every day is a good day, and some days are even better.” There may be some days that feel more challenging than others, but when you are committed to something big, you will less likely quit before you reach success.
  3. Have a Game Plan. This is one of the most important things you can do in your profession. Make a list of things you want to accomplish each day that align with goals in life. Setting short term goals will lead to long term success. Do you set goals? Do you write them down and share with others? Take some time set small goals and write them down this week. Most importantly, share them with others close to you to help you with accountability.
  4. Live the vision every day. One of the things Bob emphasized is to have a consistent daily routine. My day starts each morning at 5am with quiet time to create clarity and a workout so I can be at my best as I get ready to start the day.
  5. Bring Purpose. I love the quote Bob uses when talking about purpose. “With Everyday Excellence, you are attempting to be excellent every day.”

Lastly, Bob also emphasizes how important it is to be around “Like Minded” people. Success starts with surrounding yourself with great people to help guide you on your journey. I am a better person today only because of the people I am surrounded by.

Go Team USA!

Call to action: Whats your dream? Do you have written goals to help you achieve the results for success. Take some time to review what’s important to you and apply some goals to help you reach some milestones along the way. This process will create momentum for you as you pursue each goal to help reach where you want to go in business and in your personal life. Then ask yourself “What’s Next”?

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