The GOAL is bigger than the ROLE!

When I was in high school, I always wanted to play quarterback. Our coach positioned me to play quarterback for our practice squad offense to help make the first string defense better. I knew the ultimate role for me personally was to play as the first string quarterback where I could throw that game winning touchdown and lead our team to victory, but our team also needed someone to run plays during practice to help make our primary defense better. The most important thing was for me to understand that the goal was team first, and not worry about which role I played as long as I was committed to helping our team succeed. cropped-bruce2013.jpg

It’s the same way in business, or possible in your community where there is a bigger outcome when the group pulls together and plays their role. Another word we often hear when talking about pursuing goals is collaboration. When the team pulls together, we are stronger and have a better chance of achieving big things. The people that inspire me the most are the ones that raise their hand and say I will help however you need me, not the person that says I will help as long as…

When moving an employee’s household goods, it takes several members on the team to deliver a successful relocation. It starts with the salesperson to surveyor to move coordinator to operations planners to driver/moving crews to accounting and finance to claims management. Everyone on the team has a unique role, but only one goal – to deliver a great moving experience for the customer!

What is your role in the organization and what can you do as a business leader or even a volunteer in your community to help advance achieving a goal? It may be assisting the salesperson with a new client, volunteering to help raise money for a charitable organization, or getting a community baseball field ready for the season opener.

Whatever it is, know that the goal is more important than the role to achieve team success. Just keep learning, and growing to be ready when your time comes for the next opportunity.

Call to Action: What are some of the goals in your organization? Reach out to others and find your lane to support the team for maximum success. Tomorrow you just may be the leader!

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