Special thanks to these men and women… Driver Appreciation Week 2017!

May 8-12 is driver appreciation week. We also call it “van operator” appreciation week in the moving industry. Van operators have some incredible challenges, are tasked with many responsibilities, and instrumental in the success of a household goods move for families moving locally, or across the country.

In 1995, I also received my commercial driver’s license (CDL) to move household goods shipments within the state of Texas while spending time in operations! Yep, I was a driver. I was responsible for transporting household goods in the state of Texas (intrastate moves)), as well as local moves in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It was hard work and extremely challenging from planning shipments to managing moving crews to having time with my family. Since then, I have valued and appreciated the men and women in the driver’s seat helping our customers every day. 

Did you know? Many van operators are on the road more than 200 + days a year (that’s being on the road 40 of 52 weeks) while others drive a regional / local area and are home more often.

Many customers don’t realize the number of responsibilities they have when moving a family. In honor of driver appreciation week, here are 10 things that we all need to know about our van operators.

Each of them are responsible for:

  1. Providing excellent customer service for each family moving.
  2. Protecting the home when loading and delivering.
  3. Hiring qualified labor at local UniGroup agency for support.
  4. Managing the moving process from inventory through delivery.
  5. Driving a large tractor with 53′ moving van in the city, through the mountains, in bad weather, and across the country to meet delivery deadlines.
  6. Keeping compliant with hours of service and electronic logs.
  7. Updating operations for planning.
  8. Completing paperwork for payment.
  9. Vehicle maintenance for tractor.
  10. Tracking quality scores to meet corporation expectations.
    … And so much more!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of our van operators this week for elevating the experience for our customers across the nation! We appreciate you!

“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.” -John F Kennedy

Call to action: Personally thank a driver, or send a “thank you” note to one of your drivers this week. If you don’t have any drivers at your company, send to me and I will post for drivers to enjoy!

This has been “A Relocation Minute” on “Driver Appreciation Week” with Bruce Waller, for more information on relocation resources call 972-389-5673, or email bwaller@goarmstrong.com.

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