3 Lessons I learned relocating employees this summer…

The last week of August and first week of September mark the end of “peak moving season” in relocation and household goods moving. The last four months of the summer have been challenging in more ways than one. It takes a team to coordinate what may seem easy, but can often be very complex moving services for families moving across the US and abroad. One thing I can always count on is learning something new each year. Many times it’s by making mistakes (which I have had my share this summer). The key to success is learning and growing from each mistake along the way. Today I want to share some lessons I learned this summer that will hopefully help your team when relocating your next employee. 

3 lessons from relocating employees this summer!

  1. Container shipments are here to stay. These shipments have many positives for employees living in a small apartment starting with one day delivery, and free storage if needed. The only restriction is over-sized furniture and/or volume.
  2. Different programs yield different experiences. Some companies offer a lump sum, while other companies provide an in house or outsource to a relocation management company. Regardless of the program, companies that invest in partnerships seem to have a better experience managing mobility, and happier employees relocating from start to finish.
  3. Being transparent makes significant impact. In my book Find Your Lane, I share the importance of giving and receiving feedback with excellence. I have received some really great feedback from employees relocating this summer. However, I have also made some mistakes along the way. The thing I continue to learn is the more transparent you from the start and during the process, the more success you will have along the way. Shake it off and continue onward!

Call to action: How was your summer? Take time to reach out to your partners to provide feedback. Are they doing great, or is there an area of business that needs improvement? What challenges us will make us better!

“Employer branding is the heartbeat of talent acquisition strategy.” (Suzanne Myers)

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