3 Super Bowl leadership lessons to help your team win in 2018!

On Sunday evening, more than 114 million people tuned in to the NFL Super Bowl across the globe as they watched 2nd year Head Coach Chris Pederson lead his Philadelphia Eagles team to their 1st Super Bowl Championship for the city of Philadelphia. It’s an incredible story about a leader that believed in his team which included a backup winning quarterback named Nick Foles from Austin, Texas that was named Super Bowl LII MVP. It takes great leadership, along with a great players to make a great team to win in sports, AND in the game of business. 

Here are 3 leadership takeaways from Superbowl LII:

  1. Believe… Every great leader must believe in his/her players. Early in the season, the Eagles QB Carson Wentz went down with a season ending injury and many thought the Eagles championship run was over. But not Coach Pederson… He believed in backup QB Nick Foles and worked on a game plan to help him be successful.
  2. Great leaders aren’t afraid to take risks… The play before halftime, the Eagles had a 4th down situation in which many teams would play it safe and kick a field goal to keep the lead. But not Coach Pederson… He knew the opponent was fierce and believed in his team as he took a risk by going for it on 4th down with success. In fact, the Eagles went for it on 4th down more than any other team during the season. Taking risks when you have opportunity is critical for success. If you fail, then learn from it and move on. Failure is how we learn!
  3. Everyone matters on a team… Both offenses set a super bowl record for having gained the most yards ever in a championship game. However, it was a defensive play with 2 minutes to go that eventually won the game for the Eagles when defensive player Brandon Graham knocked the ball from Patriots QB Tom Brady to cause a fumble recovered by Eagles. In business, it starts with team sales, but it takes an entire team from customer services to operations to billing to HR and on… to achieve success.

Early in the year, the Eagles lost a few games, along with their MVP QB… However, they all believed in each other, learned from their mistakes, and stayed focus on the mission to eventually achieve the ultimate goal of being Super Bowl champions.

Who do you believe in as a leader or future leader in your organization? Have you told them?  What risks should you take for success in 2018? How are you inspiring and bringing your team together to achieve your business goals as a leader? Now is the time to execute your game plan for a successful 2018.

Call to Action: Review your game plan with your team. Get insight and perspective to make adjustments when needed. Your employees will appreciate you sharing the plan and including them om the journey to success!

Quote of the week: A team is a not a group of people that work together. A team is a group of people that trust each other. (Simon Sinek)

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