Keynote Takeaways from Americas Mobility Conference 2018

WorldwideERC recently traveled to Grapevine, Texas for the Americas Mobility Conference. This is the time when approx. 1,000 relocation professionals from around the globe come together for an opportunity to learn from others in the employee mobility space. There were so many great sessions from real estate trends to household goods move, as well as professional development.

As I reflect on the conference, I want to share a few takeaways from some our special keynotes…

Tripp Crosby, Conference facilitator known for his youtube “conference call” video was the facilitator and shared some ways to BE BOLD in your industry.

  1. Stop Judging yourself,
  2. LEGGO of your Ego, and
  3. Be Positive!

Peggy Smith, CEO and President, WorldwideERC, shared a few insights from the disruption in the market…

  1. Change starts with a challenge or inspiration!
  2. Empower mobilie people though meaningful discussions.
  3. Lower Volume on Social Media with our new website.
  4. Website Tools, Benchmarking and Discussion Forums available.

Peter Sheahan, Keynote Speaker

  1. Tell yourself the truth
  2. Obsess about outcomes
  3. Unleash your ambition

Susan O’Malley, 1st woman to own NBA Team sharing her 7 Rules…

  1. Make your bed everyday. Get the small things right!
  2. Plan your work and work your plan. Have your team leaders write down 3 things they want to accomplish every week.
  3. Work your craft. Pat Summit once said it takes 17 times to make habit.
  4. Set Expectations.
  5. When you mess up, make it right!
  6. Do the right thing!
  7. Have fun. People are more productive in a culture of Enthusiasm.
  8. Bonus Rule! People Make the Difference!

THANK YOU @WorldwideERC for bringing the 2018 Americas Mobility Conference to Grapevine Texas! I hope you enjoy a few memories! …until next time! #ERCAMC

See VIDEO Highlights…

Quote of the week. “Companies don’t transform, people do.” (Peter Sheahan)

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