"A Relocation Minute" with Bruce Waller

Month: July 2018

What would you do with $168 million dollars?

My wife and I love to travel to Oklahoma to visit with our parents as much as we can. We are fortunate to be within 3 hours of both of our families and always look forward to a road trip filled with conversation, listening to the radio, and a little reading time. My wife’s dad …

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3 ways to find a “spotter” to help you get better results!

About 10 years ago, I set a goal to get in better shape and establish a routine to workout 3 – 4 times per week which is now part of my weekly practice. Achieving this goal has made significant impact on my health and wellness. I always feel better when I finish a workout in …

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Are you building a strong brand for success?

I see it every day… People show up at a networking event, or post something really cool on social media hoping to connect them to a goal or outcome. Then you look around and think “where did they go”? How about when you send an email that may or may not have a call to …

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What’s your leadership “ringtone”?

My mom was recently sharing with me when I call her phone, she knows it’s me calling because of the ring tone song she has set to play called “The Boys of Fall” by country singer Kenny Chesney. It’s one of my favorite songs about the brotherhood of football. I am so glad she connects …

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History of the 1st Relocation!

Did you know….? The 1st relocation dates back to the caveman, moving from an efficiency cave to a larger cave with an ocean view. Og just needed to move 3 rocks! LOL! It may not have been that stressful for Og back in the day to only have to move 3 rocks, (unless they were …

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