3 ways to find a “spotter” to help you get better results!

About 10 years ago, I set a goal to get in better shape and establish a routine to workout 3 – 4 times per week which is now part of my weekly practice. Achieving this goal has made significant impact on my health and wellness. I always feel better when I finish a workout in the morning.  Recently, I was at the local fitness center when I saw a young man lifting weights. During my workout, I noticed him adding significant weight to the bar and thought… “How is he going to lift this much weight by himself?”. Then I heard him at the counter ask for a spotter. The man behind the counter walked over and “spotted” him as he lifted the weight. The spotter is there to help you with support to lift a heavy weight when you have no more strength to lift or just stand next to you to prevent safety.  They can also give you tips and strategies as well as confidence to lift your maximum weight just by being there next to you. As I watched the spotter, I thought about the men and women in the workplace that try to lift things on their own and don’t reach out to ask for a spotter.

When you are an “HR of One” professional, or trying to manage your mobility program on your own, a spotter can help you with the heavy lifting to help you get maximum results. Who is your spotter? Where can you find these spotters in the workplace?

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Here are 3 places to find a spotter to achieve best results…

  1. Networking… When you expand your network, you meet / develop relationships with “spotters” or resources that can help you when you have questions or share best practices. Get out and network!
  2. Get Certified… There are certifications that will help you get stronger in your field of expertise. When you take a certification, you meet “spotters” or instructors and colleagues that want to help you succeed.
  3. Find a Mentor… I am fortunate to have mentors in both my professional and personal life. When I am struggling or have ideas to share, I reach out to my mentors. They are full of encouragement and give me an incredible amount of confidence.

When you expand your network, invest in your continuing education, and lean on your mentors you will be able to lift more than you ever dreamed…

What do you need to lift? Is it trying to pursue a new job, looking for a promotion, trying to land a new client partnership, or wanting to get a certification? Maybe its time to ask for a spotter? …what are you waiting for?

 “Be A Lifter” for others and your own life will be lifted higher than you ever dreamed.”  (Bruce Waller)

 Call to Action: Take action on find a spotter in one of these 3 areas. Send your spotter a note and let them know you need help with some lifting in your profession. You will be glad you did, and so will the person you reach out to…

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