What would you do with $168 million dollars?

My wife and I love to travel to Oklahoma to visit with our parents as much as we can. We are fortunate to be within 3 hours of both of our families and always look forward to a road trip filled with conversation, listening to the radio, and a little reading time. My lotterywife’s dad loves to play the lottery. I think he enjoys getting a few of the numbers correct so he can share with friends for conversation. This past weekend, he purchased an extra ticket for us! The power ball was up to $168 million dollars.  My wife and I never buy lottery tickets, but when he gave it to us it made me think… “what would I do with $168 million dollars (after taxes of course)? I thought, wow I could pay off my house, but a new car, take a vacation… the possibilities seem endless.

What would you do if you won the lottery? Well, it’s fun to think about it even though the odds are not in your favor to win.

So… I asked everyone what they would do if they won the $168 million dollars. The answers are always fun and interesting to hear difference perspectives… then I thought how much more engaging it is when you ask these kinds of questions and dive deeper into conversation.

Which leads me to the question… How can we take this to our workplace and dive bruce_on truck original picturedeeper into conversation with colleagues as well as service partners? Can you imagine the possibilities if we go deeper to learn more about each other’s ideas to make things better in regard to innovation, process improvement and most importantly — relationships?

Here’s a question to consider asking your colleague or service partners?

What if we had $168 million to spend on innovation, talent acquisition, and process improvement in our budget? Would we do anything differently? What are some things we might consider doing differently as a company to achieve our goals?

Ask your colleagues, leadership team, business partners, and your service providers to learn more about people’s perspectives that you work with and how they might answer this question. It just might open up some dialogue to go deeper and start a conversation about what if…??? Then possibly start building a plan around the answers if it sounds like it might help your company achieve a goal or objective. You might not win $168 million dollars in the lottery, or have this in your budget…  but you could gain more insight from your team by having a different conversation and extracting ideas which leads to deeper relationships… which elevates everything in the workplace!

Quote of the week…  “The successful warrior is the average man with laser-like focus.”  (Bruce Lee)

 Call to Action: Try to answer this question, then ask someone you work with. I am confident it will start some dialogue and even more… strengthen your relationships! Let me know how it goes…

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