Do you really C.A.R.E.?

I once heard legendary college football coach and commentator Lou Holtz share three questions people want to know before they will follow you as a leader. #1 “Do you CARE about me”?  People want to know the leader cares about them in the workplace and in their personal life. When leaders show a personal interest in their employees at work,  people give big! They give their hands and theirs hearts knowing the leader cares, which drives vision, mission, values, culture and even more —  profits!.bruce_on truck original picture

On the other side, leaders also want to know their employees CARE about the company and role they are serving too. They want to know if the employee can add value to the organization as well as sustain it for a long period of time as a valued employee.

So, what do employers/ leaders mean when they want to know if the employee CARE’s? Let me illustrate an acronym that can help you add more value and navigate as a valued leader in your organization…

It’s called “C.A.R.E.”, which stands for Choices, Attitude, Relationships, and Engage.

  • C stands for CHOICES… Would you take $3,000,000 cash or a $.01 penny that doubles everyday for 31 days? Well, if you have read this story in “The Compound Effect”, then you know the penny is worth more over time. After 10 days, its $5.12, then 20 days over $5,000, but on day 29 it’s at 2.7 Million dollars and on day 31 surpasses $10 million! This is amazing and shows that making small smart choices everyday will bring value in every area of your life. Are you making choices to add value each day in your career?
  • A stands for ATTITUDE… In my book “Find Your Lane”, I talk about my high school days as a quarterback — I was actually playing the role of 3rd string quarterback… Yes, I wanted to get in the game to throw that game wining pass, but I new for us to achieve success, I need to focus on our mission or the team goal and not necessarily my role as a back up to the back up quarterback. When you aren’t where you want to be, in your career, keep a good attitude and stay focused on the company mission / goals for best results!
  • R stands for RELATIONSHIPS… When you invest in the people zone, you will get the biggest return in business and in life. Building relationships in the workplace and in your community is one of the most important things you can do in your career. When you have a chance to attend a networking event, be like NIKE and “DO IT”. You will not only expand your network, but you will also learn from others while adding new resources to share with others on your journey! People can help you get better as a leader!
  • E stands for ENGAGE… One of the biggest challenges for a leader is when an employee isn’t engaged. Be careful before you judge though… I once thought we had a board member that wasn’t engaged, but once I got to know him in a group setting as well as on a personal level, I learned that he was analytical, and needed data and facts before he wanted to shared his perspective… Once he had this information, he was very engaged and a totally different leader. As an employee, when you have ideas or thoughts to help improve processes or a way to improve the company in some way, speak up – even if leaders disagree or don’t make the change. Your perception will change from others when you are engaged!

Remember, when you CARE as a leader, others will care too. So, how much do you CARE? This is critical when serving your customers too.! When you CARE everyday, everyone around you will CARE… which will drive a caring culture and better results for everyone… and that is something to CARE about!

Call to Action: Who can you show that you CARE this week? What is one thing you do this week to be a better leader? Find your lane and lead your team with purpose!

Quote of the Week… “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” (John C Maxwell)

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