What’s your WORD(S)? Take the personal brand challenge…

In Chapter 2, “The route you choose matters” in my book FIND YOUR LANE, I talk about the importance of choosing to ask for feedback. It’s a great way to evaluate your leadership growth at different seasons of your career. People can help you see your “blind spots” by providing a different perspective to help you look at things through a different lens for alignment and help shape you to be a better leader. You just have to ask! DISC, and Strength finders are both popular tools that are commonly referred to when considering a self-assessment. They can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. However, if you want to get real perspective from people that know you, you might want to consider a different approach.

I recently tried a different approach that has been a great exercise to get perspective and reflect on for alignment. This exercise is more in alignment with how you are presenting yourself in the workplace, and in your community. It’s called your “personal brand” and you have the choice to define it, or it will eventually define you. Over the last few weeks, Jennifer McClure, Professional Speaker and Business Advisor has been sharing tips to develop and grow your personal brand on her podcast called “Impact Makers”. She also has a personal brand workbook that you can download on her website that can provide more insight including how to develop a brand statement.

One of the exercises she shared in her podcast (Episode 24- Taking your brand to the next level)  and in the workbook, is to reach out to as many people as you know and ask them 3 words that describe you when they think about you. They can only use 3 words! You see, a personal brand is what others think of you, it’s your reputation and you have the opportunity to drive it with excellence. Some of you may be asking, “why do I need to develop my personal brand”? As Jennifer shares in her podcast, a strong brand can help you land a bigger project at work, or a promotion, or a referral if you are ever looking for a new job, or a new client if you are in sales. Making sure you have a strong brand will help you be considered for other opportunities which will provide more joy and fulfillment in your work. We all have personal brands whether we know it or not… Maybe you are a person that has great ideas, but since you are not engaged and unwilling to share, others perceive a negative brand which often hurts your chances for special projects and promotions. …or maybe your strong brand provides you with more opportunities because you are positive and always engaged with others in the workplace..  So why not ask others and find out to see if you’re in the lane you want to be in, or if you need to change lanes to take a different route!

Word Exercise Bruce Tagcloud

So, I recently decided to try the exercise to see what people say about my brand. I do have to say, after I entered the question and before I pressed “post”, I asked myself “do I really want to know what people think?”. However, I have learned that if you want to grow in your leadership, it takes courage and vulnerability to ask others for areas for feedback. We have to be open and willing to accept it and make changes necessary for real growth and impact!

I started by sharing with my network on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The results were interesting coming from different social platform perspectives (Facebook = personal and Twitter and LinkedIn – business). However, I was hoping there would be similar words to show alignment as a person in both the workplace and in my community. Once I received the responses, I copied and pasted into a word document to capture all of the words. If more than one person gave the same word, then I used them as many times as they were shared. Then I tried to upload into wordle as suggested, but my program wouldn’t connect due to a work security setting, but it was okay, because I then went to TAG CROWD for results. It worked perfect! The words used multiple times were bigger while the words provided less were smaller.  You can see my words here…

I was humbled to see the words genuine, leader, inspiring, and caring… I also liked  seeing relocation, professional and integrity since I am in business of helping families relocate across the US and abroad.

It helped me validate my personal brand statement as a: PEOPLE GROWER, PEOPLE CONNECTOR, PEOPLE MOVER.

I am a relocation professional who helps HR professionals understand employee relocation strategies to onboard candidates that need to relocate from one city to another so each candidate can enjoy a better experience settling into their new job! —There you go…

So…. what’s your personal brand word(s) and statement? Share with me in your comments!  Now is a great the time to find out, so you can drive a strong personal brand for success!

Call to Action: Go to Jennifer McClure’s website and check out the Personal Brand Workbook. Also, listen to her podcast series on Personal Branding. They can make impact! When you finish, share the results and start some dialogue on driving your brand with purpose!

Quote of the Week…A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well. -Jeff Bezos

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