Want to Standout? Keep it clean…

When we see someone with passion, we see a leader….

Several years ago, I was hired to manage operations for a multi-million dollar moving and storage organization in Dallas, Texas. This was an exciting time in my career, but immediately recognized that I needed to start building a team of leaders around me quickly. Our quality scores were in the tank, our moving claims were high which was costing us large sums of money, and our overall operational expenses were out of control. My first step was to hire an operations leader to assist me in training and developing our household goods moving crews. I couldn’t do it alone!

cropped-bruce_on-truck-original-pictureI had recently worked with a young man named Heitor at my previous company and knew he would be the right guy to help me turn around the department if he was interested. He was special and absolutely permeated with passion. Thankfully, he was not only interested, but ready to immediately make a change.

Heitor and I immediately began working on a plan to improve our quality scores and drive a better moving service and experience for our customers. After review, we decided on a plan that would begin with holding weekly training meetings for our moving crews. I asked Heitor to set up the training room and prepare for the first session for 20 of our moving crew team members in the field.

When I went out to the training area to inspect the room before the session started, I noticed there was a small “broom” next to each chair along with a pencil, note pad, and tape measure. Heitor had gone out and purchased one for all 20 team members. I was very impressed and fascinated with the set up, but what really got my attention was “the broom(s)” sitting next to each chair, so I approached Heitor and asked, “why did he have a broom sitting next to each chair? He looked me straight in the eye and said with passion…

“if we are going to train and develop our team members, we need to communicate and set expectations from the beginning…

When they get in and out of the moving truck, it needs to be clean.

When they move furniture in and out of the customer home, it needs to be clean.

When they come into work each day, they need to have a clean uniform on ready to start the day.”

I was so impressed with his conviction and passion for building team of excellence. At that moment I knew we were going to improve our quality scores, as well as accomplish much bigger results, because I was working with a leader that was passionate about developing people to achieve business goals. …and most of all, I was working with a leader that cared about people.

What are you passionate about? How about your team members?

As we wind down Q3 and get ready for a Q4 finish, start some dialogue with others in your network about ways to drive better results to achieve year end goals. Find your team members with passion, and make them part of the plan for best results. If you are in HR, have a conversation with your business unit managers on who you need to include in the training and development, if you are in sales, talk with other leaders about strategies to include passionate team members to help you “clean it up” for success!

Quote of the week: “The one word that separates your leadership brand from others is passion.” (Mark Waller)

Call to Action: How can you develop a team of leaders with passion? Start some dialogue with others in your network to discuss driving better results.

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