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3 takeaways from the WiERC/CRC Fall Relocation Conference

I believe it was Abraham Lincoln that said, “give me six hours to cut down a tree, and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the saw”. There is no doubt that we are all busy. Busy, busy, busy…  However, when we are able to step away from our daily activities and invest in learning with others, the needle will move for you and your organization – every time!

I enjoy attending conferences for several reasons. First, I get to travel and see and experience different parts of the world. Last week I got to travel to Lake Geneva Wisconsin to be the keynote speaker as well as attend the Wisconsin / Chicago Relocation Fall Conference. It was a special morning speaking about ways to “Find Your Lane” in Mobility and some leadership strategies to drive your career with purpose. I also enjoy conferences because I always to take one idea or strategy to put in motion to help my clients and business partners move toward their goals. It’s a great feeling when you hear something new and share to add value for others while helping you grow in your profession. I also get to meet new people. Some of the best of the best were in Wisconsin attending the conference and had amazing perspectives when it comes to talent and mobility in the workplace.

Here are 3 takeaways that made this a great experience. It’s a great mold for any meetingbruce_on truck original picture or conference…

  1. Education. The Household goods moving industry has some challenges ahead… but so does Construction, Healthcare, Engineering, IT, and others… We listened to a panel of experts (that were all amazing by the way) discussing the household goods industry challenges from capacity to pricing. From my view, we are all experiencing labor challenges (more importantly a driver shortage challenge) and will continue as long as we are in this “war on talent” with a strong candidate driven market. We need to start looking from a different lens to figure out how to better recruit drivers, better engage, and better compensate to retain a workforce of talent to deliver the results we need and our customers deserve. We need to change the narrative and re-frame the discussion to make impact!
  2. Fun. I recently read the book by Ron Culberson called “Do it well, make it fun”. Great book by the way. He talks about the importance of doing a good job in the workplace, in the community, planning an event as a volunteer, etc.… but finding ways to incorporate humor and fun to make it a better experience, this is exactly what WiERC and CRC did when they provided options for attendees to pick an activity during the conference such as cooking class, painting, massages and golf. There is so much value in team building while having fun you’re your peers… What fun team building events are you planning for your meetings? Maybe it’s time to change the narrative and start discussing ways to do it well – AND ways to have lots of fun along the way!
  3. Networking. Many people hear me quote Darren Hardy all the time when I say “Your network is your net worth. The WiERC /CRC Fall Conference is labeled “The grand networking event of the year” and it delivered by providing everyone with an opportunity to meet over 150 people from all over the US to connect and exchange ideas. During my presentation, I discuss the importance of not just connecting with people you meet, but finding ways to build relationships. One way to do this is to propose a question, or something to engage people after the meeting or conference. You can do this in a follow up email, call, or post on social media. The key is to keep the conversation going. Let’s change the narrative and find ways to better engage with others following a meeting or conference. Many organizations have forums to have dialogue and continue the conversation about industry specific topics. WorldwideERC has a community forum for mobility, SHRM has SHRM Connect forum, etc… How are you continuing the conversation with people you meet? Now is a great time to invest in your people zone. I am confident you will have significant returns on your investment.

Speaking of fun… Enjoy the video I posted from my trip below.

My WiERC/CRC conference experience in pictures

Did you get a copy of my book? I hope you enjoy it and will post a review on Amazon! Find your lane and keep driving with purpose to make the most of this amazing journey!

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Quote of the week: “The more you experience in life, the more you have to offer others.” (Sarah Blakely)

Call to Action: Did you attend the conference? If so, drop me a note to continue the conversation. If not, what takeaways have you recently had at your conferences? How can we change the narrative in our organization drive conversation in our workplace and move us closer to achieving our goals?

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