Have you seen our cat? …8 days later

There is never a dull moment when it comes to relocating families. This past week was certainly no exception. Our company recently shared the amazing story below on our Armstrong Relocation Dallas Social Media Page, and I thought you would enjoy reading it too. We never know what challenges we are going to run into when helping a family relocate across the US or to another country. Many times, it might be trying to coordinate the perfect moving date, or it might be a challenge with the size or weight of furniture, or possibly the area where the house is located can be challenging for loading the truck. Sometimes it is an emotional challenge for the family leaving the origin city, but rarely is it ever about the pet cat. Here is a heartfelt story about a family that lost their pet cat during their recent relocation… cropped-bruce_on-truck-original-picture

On load day, our driver went in and completed his normal move day routine and loaded the customer’s shipment. The customer made no mention of any pets though. Two days later, he received a call from the wife asking if he had seen their cat because it was missing. He said he had not, so she then proceeds to let him know that they thought it might be in the household goods furniture loaded in the truck because their cat likes to hide in their furniture! At that point, he started to worry and so he started to look for it.

He opened all the doors to the trailer and could not see any trace of it. He also went along the sides of the trailer to try and listen for anything moving around inside but heard nothing. EIGHT days later (after loading) was delivery day and the customer was having their household goods delivered into a mini storage. The driver and his delivery crew checked every single drawer on furniture items trying to locate the cat. They saw no signs of it until the last piece was coming off the truck. They apparently found the cat (ALIVE…after 8 days of no water nor food) and it had buried itself inside the customer’s sofa! The customer did have to rip into the underside of the sofa, but they rescued the cat and were able to take it home!”

What a great ending to this relocation story…

Can you imagine losing your cat and thinking it might be in the moving truck? I am so glad this story had a great ending for the cat and for the family to be reunited at destination. Special thanks to wonderful drivers and moving crews that face challenging situations every day when moving our customers – and sometimes their cats!

Quote of the week: “The main difference between a cat and a lie is that a cat only has nine lives. (Mark Twain)

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