You know your BRAND… Now what?

In chapter 10 of my book, Find Your Lane titled “Maintain Your Vehicle” I talk about the importance of investing in yourself. If we want to grow the organization, we need to grow our people, and growing our people starts with us. The “starting line” for personal and professional growth is self-awareness. As Beth Susic, award winning marketing consultant recently mentioned in one of my recent Linkedin posts, “There is power in knowing who you are”.

Recently I shared a personal branding exercise that I learned from Jennifer McClure, cropped-bruce_on-truck-original-pictureCEO Unbridled Talent, and host of Impact Makers Podcast. The exercise included reaching out to our network to find the words people would use to describe us when we are not around. I was excited to see so many people take-action to learn what others are saying about them. It’s our personal brand and something we need to know… But once we learn our words and how people describe us, then what?

Did you complete the exercise? If not, do it now… If so, think about the words you received. Is this what you were expecting? What word stood out? Now… is a great time to take this valuable and insightful information and use it to start driving these words with purpose. When we display a strong brand, there can be many benefits. For example, if you are in sales or talent acquisition, you might receive more personal referrals because of the brand you display such as servant or integrity to help your business, or when you work in other areas of the company, you could receive the best projects, land a promotion, be asked for advice from leadership, or be asked to collaborate or lead a project or even mentor another employee. This is what I refer to as the “Lane of Fulfillment”. It brings more fun, challenges, and purpose to our work, which gives us more joy each day. It’s about being engaged and continuing to learn and grow in our careers to stay relevant while helping others along the way.

Next steps… now that you know the words that describe your brand, decide the words you want to be intentional about driving. For example, if you has the word “KIND”,  be more kind in everything you do… If you had the word BOLD, you may not realize this, but people are inspired to see your BOLDNESS and now you can drive “being bold” with more intention and purpose in your career. My top words included: Genuine, Relocation, Leader, Authentic, Caring, Committed, Driven, Positive, Influencer, and Inspiring. As a business leader in the relocation and transportation industry, I am encouraged to see my words because it’s in alignment with the brand I want to display in my career: “Caring” and being “genuinely”  “committed”  to providing customers with a successful employee relocation. My goal is to continue driving and displaying this brand in workplace and in my community.

Why is displaying a strong brand important to us? 

First, we represent our company when talking with our customers. It can take years to build a great brand, but an error in judgment can tear it down in no time. we all represent a department within our company and want other colleagues to know they can count on us for the success of the company. Think about the last time you were in a restaurant and had someone that was genuinely interested in serving you and in other restaurants where there was no or negative engagement. You decided the brand when you left and probably shared with others.

Secondly, we never know what tomorrow will bring. The business world is changing every day which includes company acquisitions, bankruptcies, organizational changes, and more… We need to display an excellent brand that says “I am here to add value for the company, for colleagues, and our customers”.

Here are 5 strategies that will help you display your brand with purpose:

  1. Be YOU! There is no one else like you.

  2. Be Consistent! Show up every day… 

  3. Be Purposeful! Align conversation with your brand.

  4. Be Engaged! Share your voice… 

  5. Be Resourceful! Find ways to share and help others.

Let’s drive our brand with purpose and always be evaluating to keep in alignment with how we want to be perceived in our workplace, and in our communities.

Call to Action: What is your brand? Share your words with others and start conversation around what brand you want to display on your career journey!

Quote of the Week… “Be the best YOU, that YOU can be.” (Ozzie Smith)

This has been A Relocation Minute on “You have your words, now what” with Bruce Waller, for more information, call 972-389-5673, or email or check out my social media pages.

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